Degree Completion

If you are a former scholarship Georgia Tech student-athlete and have not completed your undergraduate degree, we might be able to help. Student athletes seeking aid beyond the 5th year from their matriculation term (term when you started college) may be eligible to receive additional aid toward tuition, fees, and books.


This aid must be approved by the GTAA at least one month prior to term start date (by Program Administrator and Head Coach). This aid is available on a reimbursement basis only. This means the student is responsible for all upfront payment with the Institute. GTAA will reimburse the student only tuition, fees, and books for degree applicable classes where the student completes the class with a grade of “C” or higher.


In general, aid dollar amount is based on the average GTAA aid (in dollars) received during their previous years of enrollment at Georgia Tech. However, the total award will not exceed the current cost of tuition, fees, and books. Room and Board are not included in Degree Completion Aid. Students receiving Degree Completion Aid are required to work for the GTAA to receive such aid. You must perform satisfactorily each semester (school AND work) to receive your aid for current and subsequent semesters.